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Keeping you fit for work...

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Work Related Disorders

East Midlands Physiotherapy Clinic has a highly experienced team of physiotherapists who specialise in work related injury.

Led by Judith Pitt-Brooke, they have a huge range of expertise gathered from experience.

Our Physiotherapists work in many varied industry sectors, including:
Motor and engineering industries
Machining work
The postal industry
Scientific product development

Whether you have a condition that is being aggravated by work or you have developed a problem directly related to work, we can help you get better quickly. We are experts in fitness for work advice and guidance and you can trust us to help you to a speedy recovery.

Painful disorders that arise from working situations are usually related to working posture and repetitive or heavy movements. We are not designed very well for sitting for prolonged periods of time and our tolerance for physical activity can change at different stages in our lives.

Prolonged sitting with a poor posture, whether in front of a computer, a car or lorry steering wheel or any other work based equipment, can place strain on the body. If allowed to continue, this can lead to pain, swelling, muscular injury and weakness. These types of injury often come on gradually and deteriorate further over time. Physiotherapy at EMPC will help alleviate these symptoms and help you resolve the cause of the problems. Rehabilitation,advice and education about efficient working postures are an important part of treatment. We can also carry out workplace assessments if you feel that would help you.

Many more active jobs involve high levels of physical activity. Whilst in general, this is good for the body, in some instances, repetitious movements or difficult manual handling can lead to certain types of injury. Inadequate advice about these kinds of conditions can lead to poor recovery and frustratingly long periods of time feeling unable to work and perform. If you are struggling, not making progress and not performing fully at work, come and talk to us. Let us help you get back on track to full recovery.

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