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Sports Biomechanics and Gait Analysis

At EMPC we have a team of specialists who are expert in clinical biomechanical analysis of sports performers.

We use dedicated computerised equipment and video analysis linked to well researched muscle testing techniques to produce some of the most in-depth assessments of body alignment and movement available.

Biomechanical problems are often the cause of recurrent or prolonged injuries. If you suffer with recurrent or successive niggling injuries, it is likely there is a biomechanical cause.

When to suspect Biomechanics might be involved in your problem
Experiencing recurrent strains / pains of a similar nature
Running related or other repetitive movement sports
When conventional physiotherapy has failed to resolve the problem
Common conditions caused by Biomechanical problems
Flat feet / Knock knees / Poor general posture/Bunions on big toes
Foot or Ankle pain
Achilles Tendon problems
Plantar Fasciitis
Knee cap pain
Recurrent Low Back pain
Recurrent muscle strains despite training

What can be done?

Biomechanical assessment involves investigating limb alignment and posture, muscle length and strength, and considering movement quality in relation to the individuals sport. Assessment typically involves joint and muscle screening, walking / running on a treadmill whilst being videoed, and walking / running over a force plate. This information can be used to identify the specific problem and provide a rehabilitation programme tailored to the individual. This may also include the use of orthotics in footwear. The vast majority of biomechanical problems can be solved through simple but specific exercises, providing the individual with lasting relief.

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