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Bridge4 – EMPC’s Physiotherapy Team launches new, innovative exercise facility

Not Just Your Typical Gym

Super-fit or just keen to get started, young or older, we have something to either challenge you or re-build your confidence in exercise.

Whether you need strong tough workouts led by experienced coaches or gentle, safe closely supervised return to exercise programmes with a Chartered Physiotherapist, we can help you exercise with confidence.

Or maybe you just want to work out on your own in a fun environment? We are a team of Physios and fitness trainers passionate about helping as many as possible to enjoy the health benefits of sensible exercise.

What's The Deal

  • Full membership – £50 Annual membership which includes a FREE comprehensive Bridge4 Wellness check with a Chartered Physiotherapist – NO MONTHLY FEES – Access to ALL Class Bundles including member only classes in Fundamentals and the heart rate monitored trademark Bridge45 classes. Includes free access to the Studio out of class times*.
  • Pilates and Happy Hour (High Intensity) classes open to non-members.
  • ‘Free gym’ membership for members only wanting to use the Studio out of class times – £26 per month.
  • 10% discount family membership – 2 or more members joining simultaneously from one family.
  • Unique classes with heart rate monitoring to bring science to you workouts and ensure your exercise gives the valuable health and fitness benefit you deserve. Big calorie burners or gentle exercise introductions. Something for everyone.
  • ‘Fundamentals’ training for those returning to exercise or just starting – to keep you injury free.
  • For further enquiries or if you're interested in looking around, please call 0116 396 0007

    Download Full Leaflet Here Visit Here

EMPC Partner elected Vice President of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

EMPC’s Partner, Judith Pitt-Brooke was recently elected a Vice President of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy by the Society’s governing Council. Speaking of her election, Judith commented:

‘I feel both proud and honoured to have been elected by my peers and colleagues on the CSP Council to take on this ambassadorial role for my professional body. I am looking forward to working to promote the fantastic benefits that we, as physiotherapists know we can provide for our patients. I hope to lead, by example, through my own work at EMPC and our brand new Bridge4Studio, to demonstrate how well Physiotherapy Works for people of all ages who need help with painful or debilitating conditions that affect their physical activity.

Physiotherapy can help almost anyone at any stage in their lives. As Physiotherapists, we are privileged to have the ability to transform the level of activity in people’s lives with our unique clinical and therapeutic knowledge and skills. And in doing so, we can help people of all ages to become confident in activity that can have a big impact on their quality of life, and help them live longer and live well.

The Chartered Society is embarking on a sustained campaign to help as many people as possible become aware of the benefits that Physiotheapists can offer in the wider Health and Well being agenda and I look forward to contributing, as a Vice President, to this important campaign.’

Acupuncture Awareness Week 7th-13th March 2016

With the 2016 Olympics in Rio approaching, we're sure to have plenty of sporting achievements to be proud of again as a country this year. And let's not forget the imperative role that Physiotherapists play in ensuring our athletes perform at their best, remain injury-free and recovery quickly and safely when those unavoidable injuries do happen.

Leading New Technology - Shockwave Therapy - Now Available at EMPC

Patients in the Leicestershire/ Derbyshire/ Nottinghamshire areas can now benefit from a leading new treatment for long standing and troublesome tendon pain, here at EMPC. This is one of the most exciting new technologies to emerge in recent years that will help patients with chronic long standing painful tendon problems and conditions such as plantar fasciitis.

Anyone who has suffered an injury knows that chronic pain can affect your quality of life, performance at work, enjoyment of regular exercise and ability to take part in sports. Clients in and around Loughborough, Leicestershire, can now benefit from this new and effective technology for the treatment of a range of conditions, which until now, has only been available in a small number of Consultant led private hospital clinics, where access has been limited.

Shockwave Therapy can provide relief and advanced recovery in situations where the healing process has stalled or failed to respond to standard therapeutic intervention. The use of Shockwave Therapy has been found to safely and successfully treat a range of longstanding musculoskeletal conditions, supported by a wealth of scientific evidence and is now recommended by NICE, the National Institute for Clinical Excellence. This is a strong, non surgical treatment for many conditions resistant to other forms of therapy.

EMPC patients succeed in marathon bike ride

Congratulations to EMPC patients, mother and daughter Claire and Jessica Necchi, who recently completed the very challenging London to Paris bike ride after a gruelling few days on the road. Cycling in aid of Guide Dogs for the Blind, both Claire and Jessica had to overcome significant difficulties arising from painful conditions for which they had sought help from us here at EMPC. Both had been helped and guided as patients here at various stages along the way, and against what many others may have considered insurmountable difficulties, they both made it, all the way to Paris in the allowed time. And a very proud family moment it was too!

Claire, a keen horsewoman, for over 40 years, had developed severe knee joint problems in one knee, which despite surgery had deteriorated to a point that she had made a difficult decision to end her days as a livery yard owner. But after guidance, help and advice to take up cycling by physiotherapists at EMPC, she has transformed her active life, improved the functioning of her knee and now... has successfully completed a massive personal challenge!

And she was very ably accompanied by her very determined daughter Jessica, who 5 weeks before the race, was knocked off her bicycle in London and broke her collar bone! A year in the planning for the event, distraught, after putting in weeks of training, and being In a sling for 2 weeks in London, very frustrated, she sought the guidance of Nigel Wilman at EMPC who managed to help her accelerate her rehabilitation. Against all the odds and, after a gap in her training of 5 weeks due to her accident, she decided to try to do the first leg of the journey – from London to the south coast, just to support her mother – expecting to have to give up there. But surprising herself and our physiotherapy team, she made it all the way to Paris, supporting ‘Mum’ all the way. Magnificent determination and a great encouragement to others – injured or with age related conditions – the right level of guided activity can get you a very long way!!

Very well done to the Necchis. Enjoy the rest now – but not for too long!!!

Council Elections at the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

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In 2011, EMPC Partner, Judith Pitt-Brooke, was elected by members of the Physiotherapy profession, to its governing body, the Council of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. She was also invited to join the PhysioWorks Board, by the Chair of Council, to represent Physiotherapists in the Private Sector. Judith is standing for re-election this year, and she has taken some time here to talk about why she has decided to stand for a further 4 year term, and what she hopes to achieve if re-elected.

If you are reading this article, then hopefully it is because you are interested in the professional profile of the Physiotherapy team at EMPC or because you are a physiotherapist interested in deciding who to vote for in the forthcoming elections to Council of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

I have spent the last 4 years as an elected member of Council, offering my experience as a small business owner to try to help members understand how the enormous changes affecting our working environments have led to those of us running small clinical businesses to evolve and grow to compete with the bigger business and increase in competition. I have tried to encourage Council and CSP officers to try to see the value of looking at opportunities through the eyes of a successful but small private clinical practice, which I am proud to be able to say, is respected and valued by both patients who refer themselves to us, and our medical colleagues and insurance companies who refer their patients to us. During my current term on Council, I have witnessed a growing realisation amongst Council members that a cultural shift in thinking amongst members in the direction of increasing business mindedness, is likely to to help ALL members and enable us to successfully tackle the challenges that lie ahead for our profession in an NHS that may need to make hard choices soon.

When I first joined Council 4 years ago I was overwhelmed by the prevailing culture at the time, which seemed fearful of commercial thinking, and a little blind to the inevitability of the need for cost saving. Innovative thinking, and the need to demonstrate cost benefit in all areas of our practice and service delivery was less valued than protecting the status quo. There was lots of talk about fantastic quality services across the UK in the NHS, but little evidence that commercial and entrepreneurial thinking was valued.

Therefore, I have deliberately and sometimes provocatively canvassed in Council, over the past 4 years, for the acceptance that a commercial approach to the development of our profession, is needed, if we are to compete against the throng of other therapeutic voices, in a commissioning environment that is likely to have to pick and choose much more what it chooses to provide.

I have made a decision to put myself forward for re-election to Council, because I think I have been one of a small number of council members who have started the ball rolling on this change and I feel I could contribute well to building the momentum of change.

The success that our Profession has in the next few years, in navigating its way through some very likely, choppy waters, is dependent on us developing a clear vision of what our unique value is both to patients, who may choose to pay for our services, those who we need to support to demand our services in the NHS, and to those larger organisations who will decide how to value us in their commissioning plans.

Having worked as a Physiotherapist for over 30 years, in the NHS, University Sector and now the Private Sector, I have never been so aware of the potential impact of changes, both in the public and commercial sectors. Both sectors are being squeezed financially. This is real and unlikely to change in the next few years. Our focus must stay on the needs of our patients and our professional growth must be led by patient need and patient demand. Our job is to create that demand by being fantastic at what we do. Every CSP member has a responsibility here, and as Council member, I expect to take responsibility for ensuring members feels empowered and motivated to take that responsibility.

The Chartered Society has won us as Physiotherapists, the right to become independent prescribers. We are capable of qualifying to give injections. As autonomous professionals we are uniquely skilled in terms of clinical reasoning and providing detailed rehabilitation and recovery plans from a wide range of conditions and injury states, using holistic approaches, working with minds and bodies through physical means, which no other healthcare professional can do. We are also ‘action and activity’ focused. What a gift we are for decision makers who are seeking solutions to massive illness epidemics arising from inactivity and over medicalisation. So let’s take up the opportunity this gives us and accept responsibility for what we have fought for.

So, massive opportunities ahead – but only if collectively, as a professional group, whether based inside the NHS or outwith, we become our own sales force. This means breaking down the old tensions that still exist in some corners, about approaches and drivers in different sectors and building TRUST within our membership.

I believe I have helped to start a shift in attitudes and cultural thinking within Council in the last 4 years but business is unfinished. If re-elected to Council, I will strongly pursue further trust and acceptance of a more commercial approach generally within the profession that helps enable all members to feel confident to broaden their shoulders and welcome competition - and rise to it.

I hope you will feel able to support me.

Yours in earnest,

Judith Pitt-Brooke

EMPC Physio on tour with British Squad at European Swimming Champs

EMPC's Grace Cowley recently had a trip to the Junior European Swimming Championships as Physiotherapist to the GB team. A successful trip all round with some great performances. Grace also recently supported the British elite youngsters on a training trip to Dubai.

EMPC Collaborates with Development of New Posture Vest

New posture vest receives attention in the national health and wellness press.

Poor posture is often associated aches and pains, generally aound the shoulder/neck area, the upper back and the lower back. EMPC treats many people with posture related pain very successfully. Helping people to maintain their improvement is also part of our mission. Exercise and awareness are important components in achieving this.

We are proud to have been able to help Pelham and Strutt, a local company, to develop a vest that aims to give feedback to the wearer to help signal good posture positioning. It has had good feedback in trials in manual workers, office workers, recreational and professional atheletes. All clients of EMPC. Checkout the Pelham & Strutt website for more details.