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Restoring function and enhancing recovery...

Close up of wheelchaired patient receiving treatment to foot.

Neurological Physiotherapy

Neurological physiotherapy helps restore function and enhance recovery of independence for those with neurological conditions.

Neurological conditions can be life changing but our specialist neuro physiotherapist can help to restore normal movement patterns, improve balance and coordination, enhance strength and help with managing fatigue. We can help you solve problems associated with a neurological condition and in particular improve independence with everyday activity.

It is very important that rehabilitation is individual to specific needs and here at EMPC, we specialise in helping you identify specific goals to improve your quality of life. Most importantly we help you achieve them.

Conditions that will benefit from neuro physiotherapy
Spinal Cord Injury
Multiple Sclerosis
Parkinson's Disease
Acquired Brain Injury
Motor Neurone Disease
Guillaine-Barre Syndrome
Cerebral Palsy

We offer the following:-

  • Full initial assessment and individually tailored treatment programmes
  • Appointments in the clinic
  • Domicillary visits
  • Group exercise sessions
  • Neuro Pilates
  • Fitness and gym programme advice
  • Liaison and advice forother members of the healthcare team involved with each patient, where appropriate

No GP or Consultant referral is required and we do not operate a waiting list.