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Specialist golf physiotherapy...

Golfer on the course making a swing.

Golf Performance Physiotherapy

East Midlands Physiotherapy Clinic offers the golfing community dedicated and expert specialist golf physiotherapy.

Whether you have an injury that is affecting your golf or you just don't feel quite fit, your performance will be suffering. EMPC's golf specialist and physiotherapist Nigel Wilman, is also a qualified Sports Scientist, who has worked with golfers for several years. He has an extensive knowledge of the mechanics of the golf swing and the movement fitness required to maximise your golf performance. Whether you need help to speed injury recovery or help with golf specific fitness we are sure to offer you the help you need to get back on the course quickly,playing better than before.

Golf is a highly technical sport, that places very specific demands on the body. Improving performance is in part down to practice,. Coaching can help too but very importantly, if key parts of your body lack free movement or balanced strength, neither practice nor coaching will help you progress. Working to ensure your body can move enough and is strong enough in key areas that affect your golf swing will pay huge dividends on the course. Nigel specialises in analysing imdividual training needs to enhance performance. In this context, we are delighted to offer specialist golf physiotherapy in addition to our comprehensive physiotherapy treatment services.