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Rehabilitation at work...

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Fitness for Work Assessments & Occupational Health Physiotherapy

Let us help you to keep you and your your people healthy and managing effectively at work.

When a person suffers an accident or injury, or is absent from work because of back pain or painful joints, it can be a difficult and frustrating and costly time for all involved. When it’s a priority for you to help speed up a person's recovery from injury, you need a trusted specialist physiotherapy team that will treat and rehabilitate those individuals back to work, in the safest and quickest possible time.

EMPC Occupational Health Physiotherapy can provide just that,in a way that suits you. Whether you need help with just one employee, or you would like to discuss how EMPC can help you with broader fitness and injury resilience at work programmes, you can be assured of quality, cost effectiveness and flexibility in everything we do.

We provide Return on Investment of 4:1

EMPC Occupational Health Physiotherapy has worked with a large global corporation with 3000 employees in the food production industry in the Midlands for the past 15 years providing on site physiotherapy, work hardening programmes, employee fitness programmes and workplace assessments. This provides a measurable year on year return on investment (ROI) of £4 for every £1 spent. The business continues to increase its investment in physiotherapy as an active business decision.

We help business to reduce sickness absence

A business employing 450 employees in Leicestershire has contracted with EMPC Occupational Health Physiotherapy for the past 5 years to enable its employees to self refer for physiotherapy for any painful conditions affecting them at work. We provide quick access to physiotherapy assessment , treatment and fitness for work advice including modifications to enable employees to remain at work or effect the earliest possible return. We see approximately 6-7 new cases each month. Sickness absence data demonstrates a saving of 280-350 days in lost time year on year for problems for which physiotherapy is the solution. (Musculoskeletal problems MSK)

Key man down

A micro business (employing 17 people) in Leicester contacted EMPC Occupational Health Physiotherapy after its van driver had been signed off work for the 6th week and for a further 3 weeks, with back pain by their GP. Urgent assessment, treatment and workplace assessment was arranged and the employee returned to work within 2 days, with an a work rehabilitation plan agreed with all parties, an ongoing treatment plan and an open line of communication to the line manager for ongoing support. The business learnt that a sick note – now called a fit note - is advisory only and neednt prevent earlier return to work. Later that year, the same business referred a warehouse employee with knee pain to us, for assessment and advice, on day 4 of absence. The employee received a course of physiotherapy and returned to work within 2 days, with workplace modifications for 2 weeks and returned to full fitness within 10 days. No GP visit was necessary.

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